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Thanksgiving is about food and family, culture, history and tradition, and thankfully, not about commercialism. It is a celebration of our roots, steeped in history and folklore. The history of this holiday is, in fact, the history of America.

      While historical records date the first feast, "a celebration of bountiful harvest", to 1661, it wasn't an official holiday until Abraham Lincoln proclaimed it.

      We all have our favorite Thanksgiving recipes and regionalism plays a role in determining the feast. The role of tradition is enormous and some dishes on today's table have been served for more than 300 years. Some dishes have disappeared, while other favorites of today were unknown. Today's meals, while incorporating new foods, are still basically traditional. No menu would be complete without the turkey, the pumpkin, the yams, the cranberries, the root vegetables...foods that celebrate the fall harvest.

      What we celebrate at Thanksgiving is not a particular food but rather the abundance our land has provided.

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  Gingered Pumpkin-Pear Soup
  Squash, Fruit and Nut Medley

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